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My name is Gilon (pronounced Jah-lawn). Welcome to my page! I’m stoked that you’re here. My greatest hope is that while you look around, you find something that speaks to the deepest parts of you, something that calls you to come alive even more fully than you’ve ever known into someone bold, daring, and authentic. I’m all about launching women into purpose and the most ridiculous thing you can be in this day and age is the woman God intended for you to be, unapologetically. So here’s my invitation: Become, get comfy and I hope you laugh some along the way. Welcome to the journey!



This is where you scope out what events I'll be a part of and where I'll be speaking!

January 24, 2020

Women's Leadercast Jax

Leadercast Women 2020 is a gathering of womenleaders across the world. Women who have made a significant difference in their business, community and society will be featured on the Leadercast Women 2020 stage. This is your opportunity to learn from these exceptional women and hear their inspiring stories

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