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A Voice. Professional Fist-Shaker. Solutionist.

Gilon Marts


Gilon Marts




Gilon Marts


A voice.

"Hell is afraid of people who know their identity period. When we know who we are, we walk in the fullness of that."

About Gilon

Gilon Marts is a Jacksonville native who is passionate about helping people live skillful lives. As a mental health therapist for foster and adopted youth, Gilon is involved in a number of ventures that allow her to pursue that passion. She is the host of the Walking Well podcast that aims to empower and encourage women to become who they were destined to be holistically. The podcast covers topics such as racial and gender equality, spirituality, and wellness.


Gilon has participated in a number of online collectives of encouragement through her voice and pen. Gilon is a member of the Buzzsprout content team and a host of Podcasting Q&A, which aims to assist the everyday person in launching, growing and monetizing their podcast. She writes for Truth Republic. Gilon was a past speaker at the Women’s Leadercast Jax event and is the former co-host of  The Beautiful Community.

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Image by Sarah Dorweiler


“Gilon Marts is not a woman you can easily forget. Her brilliant smile and kind heart coupled with sharp intellect and passionate speaking make her a powerhouse of a woman. Her knowledge of women’s mental health combined with her desire to see women of all ages succeed and walk well in this God-given life make her podcasts, videos and subject matter truly relatable and engaging. Basically, I just really really love her and I think you will too!!”

Courtenay Bowser

Co-Founder of Ignition Point Ministries



Inspiring others to become who God always intended them to be

Buzzsprout Podcasting Q&A (Host)

Better Community (Co-Host)

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