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Being Trained by Transition

So my life. I refrain from saying it is in upheaval because it is not, but it does seem as though major renovations and overhauls are taking place. In August, I started graduate school and my second year teaching. My parents took on a demanding position at the school. My oldest brother left for college in a nearby city and my youngest brother started high school. And meanwhile the little sisters still have their miniature worlds ever twirling- you know, birthday parties, girl scouts, and the like. Plus it’s football season! Friday night lights! This is a two-day event for a head football coach, players, and their families. I say all that to say our lives are exceptionally bustling.

On a personal level, this is a good bit of change. I feel like I had hit a rhythm- get up, quiet time, exercise, teach, make dinner, grade, read Bible, sleep. I had a handle on what needed to be done for my own self-care (sanity) as well as for the kids I teach. I had it down! I’d compare it to a runner finding a good pace and hitting their stride. This extra layer of life, however, has thrown me into an awkward limp-run type thing and my metaphorical lungs are burning!

This is often what significant change does to our neat and routine lives. We are shaken up like salad dressing and it takes time regain homeostasis. That’s ok. Most of the difficulty in transition comes from the pressure we put on ourselves to ‘get it together already’.

That is not how God views your process. He knows a curve ball has been thrown. He knows a learning curve has been encountered. He has already worked into his masterplan how much time you will need to build your wings on the way down. So you rest easy.

Keep focusing on building the new. Day by day, brick by brick you will find your rhythm again. And if you’re skilled, when the next level-up is introduced you will be gracious and generous to yourself while in process.

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