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What makes a strong Mother-Daughter Bond?

I believe one of the biggest ways the devil steals from us is in laying out expectations for our lives that go against the Word of God. No where else can you see that so clearly than our relationships, especially those with our parents. Mothers and daughters should have a heaven kissed relationship where there is trust, laughter, and friendship, but so many mommas feel lost and frustrated. I consider my mother my bestest friend. We have that relationship because of some fundamental truths we have clung to and are reaping the benefits from. Listen as we share the Wisdom that has made all the difference for us!

Also, mom and I are hosting a tea for mothers and daughters Saturday, June 10, 2017. We will be sharing more about how we have made the most of our relationship and how you can enjoy the peace and bond that we do! If you are a mom or a daughter, we invite you to come, and bring your daughter or mother with you! It's sure to be a rich time! Click here for registration and more info!

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