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Musings of Africa Pt. 3: Identity

Many times, we identify these kids by their lack: "they're orphans". But I have a sneaky suspicion that they have a better handle on identity than most of us. Their uncanny ability to find joy, simple and untouchable joy is a message in and of itself. Dressing up and singing, glitter as the only accessory they need, they radiate. Where can I get some of that?

I don't have much experience with orphanages or baby homes, but Okoa Refuge broke the mold for me. It's bright and colorful, the kids are cherished and loved on by the staff- it has definitely set a precedent. Hearing the founders discuss about the unique giftings and interests of individual kids marked me as well. One of the house mothers, a young twentysomething named Hope, talked with me at length about how her position at Okoa has matured her because now she's a mom. That conversation evoked such a strong and startling sense of investment to me. The Okoa family has all of my respect and support. Sponsoring a child of Okoa provides housing, food, schooling, staffing, and extracurricular opportunities for the kids. For $25 a month, which is about 1/6 of what it costs to fully provide for these kiddos, you can put your money where it matters. Support the untouchable joy of one of these faces here.

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