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Musings of Africa Pt. 6: Spiritual Giants

I've always wanted to know what the conversations, the relaxed time, the tense and offended moments are like for the people I glean from spiritually. What do they do when their kid has a meltdown? How's that handled? Or what are the rules of engagement in passionate discussion with their spouses? What does the private preparation look like? Or what does the outpouring look like where microphones and lights don't go?

Accompanying Courtenay and Jeremiah on this trip was like having a secret prayer I never uttered answered. I watched them pour out like beasts. I watched them dusty and sweaty purpose to love well and be easy. I watched them laugh and tease, care for and look out for one another- coffee in the morning, which can be a bit of a feat in a developing country. I watched them love on their kiddos and sometimes pushback on them. I watched them interact with and learn the names of just about everyone they came in contact with, Brenda and James from our hotel, the waiter at the restaurant we ate at frequently, the guy driving us from the hotel to the airport. We talked about marriage, ministry to the nations, finishing well in the faith, and laughed about the cultural quirks we encountered. I watched them minister, tag team, and defer to one another. I'm grateful. So grateful to get a peak into a life well lived, to see the quiet, tenacious manner of living that echoes from now til kingdom come.

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