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Musings of Africa Pt. 7:

There are gifts that I’ve always wanted to have. I’ve secretly envied the people who see images and get prophetic words for others. I’ve always thought it was so cool that people see pictures and somehow God delivers a tailor made message to people with that. Somewhere along the way, I figured that was a prophetic gift given to the people I knew who experienced that kind of thing in their relationship with the Lord, but wasn't a thing for me. On this trip, Courtenay, who flows in the prophetic was sharing with the team that she wanted to teach the kids how to use the gift of prophecy. I was intrigued and a little bummed because I knew that wasn’t a thing that I did or experienced in my relationship with the Lord and thus would simply sit this one out as a spectator. As Courtenay explained the gift, how it's used, what it's for (and what it's not), my inward doubts were interrupted.

I don’t see pictures. I’m not really an image girl. I’m a word nerd, like I really love words. God reminded me that seeing a word or having a word or group of words flash through my mind is essentially the same thing. It’s in line with who and how He created me to be and I need to just flow with it. Wishing my internal DNA was different than it is just blocks up the flow, wastes time, and makes me ineffective.

All that to say, during one of the ministry times, she had the kids pair up to do a prophetic practice with each other. One sullen faced girl didn’t have a partner and while I thought she would be added to a group of two, Courtenay said, "Just pair up with Gilon." Panic rushed through me in an instant. As the girl sat next to me, I looked at her and instantly a huge word was plastered across her face in my mind's eye. I just flowed with it and said the things that bubbled up wondering if any of this was hitting. The young girl quietly began to cry and I just held her and prayed over her other things that came up, still wondering if any of this was hitting the mark. Later a woman who works with the kids of Okoa shared the girl's story with me and I had to fight back the tears. It was so on point the things God gave me to share, so totally on it. I, being shaken and unsure, was unbeknownst to me and on demand flowing in the prophetic and this girl was being encouraged and affirmed through this uncertain vessel because God is just that faithful and there for each of us. Selah.

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