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Woman on Fire

On this last episode of season one, we are going out with a bang! March has been dedicated to the ladies and this episode is all about the freedom and equality Jesus purchased for us in his curse-defying death and resurrection. Us ladies have been set free again into a Garden of Eden where patriarchy, inferiority, and limitations based solely on gender no longer exist. That being so, who are we now supposed to be? Whoever the heck God has made us to be. Celebrate your freedom ladies and walk in it. Let nothing purchased go unused and wasted. Be who God made you to be!

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Episode Resources

Kris Vallotton- Fashioned to Reign

Taffi Dollar- Gender Roles

Kris Vallotton- Jesus Founder of the Women's Liberation Movement: website dedicated to empowering women, calling churches higher, challenging culture, and making a bigger table where all are welcome.

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